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Having a pool that is accurately and regularly maintained is a matter of above all health. We provide swimming pool maintenance and cleaning services that can handle all of your needs.


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A Flexible Solution for Everyone

Weekly maintenance is our true best seller and we have a lot of packages on residential pools, spas and water features.In short, we are at your service to deal with all the pool cleaning and maintenance, saving you from a lot of unexpected expenses. With this, you can prolong the quality and life of your pool and filter systems, as well as additional pool parts.


We will check your pool at least once weekly to ensure that the water is clean and balanced, matching all of the health standards. At each visit, we will thoroughly check the pump and filter system, add chemicals in compliance with the required PH water balance and clean the surface from leaves, garbage and debris while vacuuming the floor of your pool. Thanks to our new generation of swimming pool equipment, we improve the health of every pool and prevent allergies, eye infections and other issues from occurring.


We are the go-to swimming pool cleaning and maintenance experts in Mauritius, servicing both public pool areas such as hotels and buildings with pools - as well as private homes, residences and condominiums. All of our swimming pool cleaners are qualified, experienced and able to carry out the processes needed for a clean and healthy pool. Now, you can save while spending and hire a professional swimming pool cleaning and maintenance company in Mauritius to help you out before you can go swimming.

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