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Water Pleasures & Equipment Ltd. has the specialists you need to service, maintain and construct swimming pools from scratch. With more than 11 years of experience under our belt, we excel when it comes to installation of fiberglass and concrete pools in Mauritius.

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Quality Pool Service In Mauritius Since 2007

As a fully licensed and certified swimming pool repair service in Mauritius, we guarantee you an excellent and educated pool service for your property. If you would rather sit by the pool instead of worrying whether you have properly cleaned it, spotted a leak or maintained it, you need us.



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Swimming Pool Treatment At Its Finest

We have a simple mission - to offer the best swimming pool treatment services to every pool owner. Whether it’s residential property, a residence, resort or hotel - we focus on excellence and have years of experience in building, maintaining and servicing pools. As the seasons change, every pool owner needs to take certain measures to ensure that their pool is properly maintained. That is where our pool experts and technicians come to play, preventing debris from clogging your skimmers or burning up your pump.

Swimming Pool Treatment in Mauritius - WaterPleasures Mauritius

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WaterPleasures & Equipment Ltd
Water Pleasures & Equipment Ltd, your one-stop destination for the broadest range of swimming pool equipment, pool construction and maintenance services in Mauritius.